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153217 - The Language Class: Rethinking Teaching & Learning through Drama

Tipus Escola d'Estiu
Àrea temàtica Llengua i literatura
Modalitat Presencial
Nivell Secundària
Data del 6 al 10 de juliol. De 12:00 a 15:00
Dies x
Adreça Esc. Joan Pelegrí, c/Consell de Cent, 14
Total hores 15
No col·legiat95,00€

This is a drama course for teachers of English who wish to explore the possibilities of Drama in Education with their pupils, with constant focus on language learning. We will use drama conventions targeting the 5 language skills as well as all transcurricular competences mentioned in the CFRL.

* Learn about the different drama techniques transferable to language teaching
* Experiment these techniques as learners in order to empathise with and prepare our pupils
* Reflect on the various processes and why they are useful to implement in class
* Produce a pedagogical sequence targeting a selected level (A2, B1, B2, C1) containing several drama moments

* Warm-ups and icebreakers
* Exercises to build up self-confidence and team spirit
* Public speaking & presence on the stage¡: training practice
* Voice
* Improvisation
* Use of the following drama techniques to improve the 5 language skills & the transcurricular competences:
* Principle 21 / status games / teacher-in-role / freeze frames / hot seat & alter ego (character study) / thought alley / choir & oracles / use of text, music and visuals
* Class management techniques
* Theoretical knowledge about the dynamics of motivation and the holistic approach in class