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153219 - What words don' t we hear?

Tipus Escola d'Estiu
Àrea temàtica Llengua i literatura
Modalitat Presencial
Nivell Secundària
Data del 6 al 10 de juliol. De 8:30 a 11:30
Dies x
Adreça Esc. Joan Pelegrí, c/Consell de Cent, 14
Total hores 15
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Can we “teach” our learners to listen better?  Language learning depends on listening and this provides the aural input that serves as the basis for language acquisition enabling our learners to interact in spoken communication.  We will look at how we can help our students to develop listening strategies to deal with a variety of situations, types of input and listening purposes and demonstrate how improving listening skills can serve to make learners better communicators.

Course Objectives:
In this course we will:
* Raise awareness of listening issues that teachers face in the classroom.
* Consider the implications for listening tasks in the classroom.
* Examine approaches to exploiting listening for language.
* Look at how we can integrate listening into the learning process through other skills.

Overview of contents
Session 1
What is listening? The goals and problems in teaching listening.
Session 2
The listening cycle – looking at listening in three different parts, pre, while and post listening.
Session 3
Listening skills versus listening strategies.
Session 4
From comprehension to acquisition.
Session 5
From receptive to productive – transferring the skills.

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