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203010 - Developing Key Competences in the EFL Classroom

Tipus Escola d'Estiu
Àrea temàtica Metodologia d'aula i innovació educativa
Modalitat Semipresencial
Nivell Secundària
Data xxx. De 12:00 a 15:00
Dies de dilluns a divendres
Adreça Consell de Cent, 14. Escola Joan Pelegrí
Total hores 30
Membres d'altres col·legis professionals o entitats organitzadores68,00€
No col·legiat98,00€


This 30 hour blended course will introduce the eight key competences for lifelong learning and will focus on the competences more closely related to the EFL classroom. It will evaluate current classroom practices trying to identify and keep the aspects of the ones that have proven to be successful and will aim to develop new teaching strategies to enhance the learning process further.


•           Introduce the eight key competences to lifelong learning

•           Develop EFL related key competences

•           Develop teaching practice materials, strategies and techniques.

•           Evaluate and design course materials

•           Reflect on progress and plan the next professional development stage



This blended course is organised in two parts – 15 hours online and 15 hours face to face. There are 5 modules and a final assignment. It includes individual and group work in a variety of tasks on the platform and in the classroom.


•           Participants will need to attend the five face to face sessions and complete all required work on the platform. They may be asked to redo a task and upload a revised version.

•           Participants will need to complete a feedback questionnaire.