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175206 - Learning through language: the role of emotion in language acquisition

Tipus Jornades
Àrea temàtica Llengua anglesa-AICLE
Modalitat Presencial
Nivell Internivells
Data 9 i 10 de març. De 15:00 a 19:30
Dies divendres i dissabte
Adreça St.Peter's School: Eduard Toldrà, 18
Total hores 10
No col·legiat105,00€


Linguistic diversity in the classroom is a reality for many teachers in a variety of settings. How to address the issues that arise depends largely upon the skills and expertise of the professionals who are engaged in day- to-day practice.

Within a complex global society, traditional views on language teaching are under review at all levels of the educational establishment. This conference aims to create a forum in which to share different approaches and aspects of classroom practice. The intention is that educators can draw upon examples of successful learning experiences, in order to reflect upon and find meaningful responses for their own particular contexts.

During the conference we will be focusing on the following areas:

How do we engage our students in other languages? How do we involve a child's linguistic background? What makes a successful language learner? How does emotion affect language acquisition?

How do we deal with linguistic diversity? Can a challenge become a resource? How can we create relevant educational experiences for an increasingly multi-modal environment? Which approaches to teaching optimize use of both academic and social language acquisition? What are the effects on the student? How do we best attend to the needs of students who are just beginning to acquire a new language?


The conference language will be English. All sessions will take place at St. Peter's School, c/Eduard Toldrà, 18, 08034, Barcelona. Tel. +34 93 204 36 12. The event is aimed at professionals working within multilingual school environments, student teachers and researchers.


Friday 9th March  

15:00: Registration

15:30: Welcoming session

16:00: Opening Lecture. The role of emotion in Language Acquisition David Bueno, Universitat de Barcelona.

17:00-17:30: Coffee break

17:30-18:45: Parallel workshops (six workshops)

18:45-19:30: Lecture. Boosting identity in the classroom: the use of students' own languages for learning. Caterina Sugranyes, Universitat Ramon Llull

 Saturday, 10th March 

 9:00-10:30h Parallel workshops (six workshops)

10:30-11:00h: Coffee break

11:00-12:30h: Sharing learning projects (six schools)

12:30: Panel discussion: Linguistic reception, different approaches and methodologies

14:00: Lunch

15:30: Lecture. What we can learn from our students Jane M. Smith, Head teacher of Lower School, St. Peter's School

16:30: Networking and closure


This activity is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education. Recognised credits: 10 hours (1 credit)


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CICAE or Col.legi adherit CLCAT


Degree or master student


St. Peter´s Former Pupil


Prices include meals and refreshments.

For further information, please contact Joan Rovira Sanz and Carme Escorcia at: ltlcongress@stpeters.es
Tel 93 204 36 12

Organised by:
Saint Peter's School Barcelona

With the support and participation of:
Col·legi Oficial de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres i en Ciències de Catalaunya

Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Doctores y Licenciados en Filosofía y Letras y en Ciencias

CICAE - Asociación de Colegios Privados e Independientes

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