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193224 - Phonetics: let’s get familiar with english sounds (en col·laboració amb l´APAC) (semipresencial)

Tipus Escola d'Estiu
Àrea temàtica Llengua i literatura
Modalitat Semipresencial
Nivell Primària
Professorat Carmen Santamaria Pena
Data de l'1 al 5 de juliol. De 16:00 a 19:00
Dies de dilluns a divendres
Adreça Escola Joan Pelegrí, Consell de Cent, 14
Total hores 20
Membres d'altres col·legis professionals o entitats organitzadores68,00€
No col·legiat98,00€


Pronunciation is an important language skill that is often overlooked due to its difficulty. As poor pronunciation can cause communication breakdowns, an early introduction to phonetics for primary students can avoid future misunderstandings.


Through the course, participants will:

  • Improve their knowledge of phonetics and phonology.
  • Learn about the most commonly mispronounced sounds and sound patterns for speakers of Catalan and Spanish as L1.
  • Learn to design activities and materials to work on phonetics and phonology with primary school students.
  • Learn to use phonetics characters of my own design to help students talk about difficult sounds and identify when to use them.



 This course will be devoted to help participants improve their knowledge of English vowel and consonant sounds, putting special emphasis on the ones Catalan/Spanish speakers tend to mispronounce. Through the course, participating teachers will learn to design activities following a cooperative learning approach to improve their learners’ pronunciation in a fun way through tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, homophone dominoes, silent letters, etc. Other relevant aspects such as syllable and word stress, rhythm, connected speech and different English accents will also be covered.