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223010 - Competency-Based Approach in EFL Lesson Planning

Tipus Escola d'Estiu
Àrea temàtica Metodologia d'aula i innovació educativa
Modalitat Virtual
Nivell Internivells
Professorat Violeta Stefanovska
Data Del 4 al 8 de juliol. De 0:00 a 0:00
Dies Dilluns, dimarts, dimecres, dijous i divendres
Adreça En línia
Total hores 15
Membres d'altres col·legis professionals o entitats organitzadores70,00€
No col·legiat105,00€

El curs s'impartirà de manera asíncrona mitjançant Moodle.


This 15-hour in-person course aims at teachers teaching primary, secondary and adult classes. It will focus on identifying and defining competences, developing learning activities and authentic assessments, starting from the current context and circumstances, and tracing a pathway to be incorporated in the lessons to ensure competence development.


Methodology of sharing individual and collaborative contributions with a strong focus on reflective and creative activities through careful guidance. The course will be delivered in a series of in-person sessions. Some materials and tasks will be delivered via the platform Moodle in an asynchronous way.


  1. Lesson planning focusing on knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  2. Identifying desired performance and competences to be developed
  3. Develop learning activities and evaluation tools to measure competence
  4. Develop mechanisms for remediation
  5. Professional development resolutions and agenda


  • Participants will need to attend the workshops and complete all required work. They may be asked to redo a task and provide a revised version
  • Participants will need to complete a feedback questionnaire.